By Rebecca Eve

Rebecca McCallum

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Luxury Hair and Make up Service

High end products

I’ve been a bridal hair and makeup artist for 4-5 years. I trained at the academy of freelance makeup in soho London in 2017. I offer a luxury hair and makeup service and use high end products to ensure my brides feel and look their best. Im always watching tutorials and taking part in online courses to keep my skills and services that I offer up to date. I love my job and will always bring a smile along and will ensure your wedding day and the lead up is as calm enjoyable as possible.

Helping Brides fulfil their vision 

Taking the time to get to know you

Every artist has their own personal style but I really take the time to get to know my brides so I can make sure I can fulfill  their vision as much as possible. It’s such a special day and so much time and effort has been spent planning this day that it’s important that I put as much time and effort in to make sure my bride is 100% happy.

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Brides to be should book me because I will make sure I do what it takes to ensure between us we can create the perfect hairstyle for your wedding day.

By Rebecca Eve

Rebecca McCallum

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