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What should you consider before choosing a Wedding Venue??


Location Location Location is crucial when choosing a wedding venue. Consider how far you and your guests would have to travel to get to the venue. It needs to have enough facilities for those guests travelling from further away to be able to book a room and be comfortable.

It may be good for you to have your wedding near to where you live but is it really going to be practical for others? I know traditionally the venue would be in the brides home town but again that could throw up problems especially if the bride now lives many miles away from where she grew up.

Destination weddings

Many couple are choosing to get married abroad but there are obviously pros and cons to this. While it is easier and sometimes cheaper for the couple it can prevent some guests from attending if the cost is too great. So you need to think about your guest list and who you can't get married without. If they can't travel for varying reasons is that enough for you to push ahead with your dream or choose a venue nearer to home?

The venue, be it beach, castle or small intimate hotel wedding, the back drop to the wedding photo's will be more amazing and the memories of your epic, maybe once in a life time trip will be all the more wonderful. Also your dream wedding will usually include your dream honeymoon and a holiday for your nearest and dearest which can be a pro or a con! On the other hand you may not want all your family and friends on your honeymoon so there is always the choice of spending a few days with them and then moving to a different hotel or destination for some time with just the two of you.

Legality of your marriage

Destination weddings, in some countries, are not legally binding so you would need to do the official paperwork in your home country, or even have another ceremony. There are plenty of destinations where you can marry legally so do your homework. You will need to do some paperwork before you get married and most obviously you will need a passport which has enough time left on it to satisfy the country of travel's rules. You will also need a Certificate of No Impediment (CNI). All the requirements will be on the Government website and also for the country you are marrying.

Here are some of the easiest countries/states to legally get married:






Las Vegas

New York

Your style of wedding

Are you thinking of a traditional wedding in a church, a formal affair in a magical castle/mansion with the whole three course sit down wedding 'breakfast'? Or are you going to go for something more laid back? A different venue for the service and reception? There are so many options to choose from so sit down together and talk about your vision and if it is the same. There may be compromises to make along the way and of course budget will always come into it!

The Date

The earlier you book your wedding the more likely it is you will get the date you want at the venue of your choice. If you are certain of a date, be it because it has special meaning for you both like an anniversary, then you need to be on the ball and give yourself plenty of time to book that date. Summer weddings still get booked up years in advance as it is the peak of the wedding season and will also be more expensive than other times of the year. If you want to save some money then getting married on a week day or a Sunday can be much more economical and can get that special venue down to within your price range. Also there are at times cancellations so a last minute wedding can be much cheaper, but only if you are prepared to do a bit of last minute booking suppliers.

Venue first of guest list?

If you fall in love with a venue but it is not going to be big enough to accommodate your whole wedding party you obviously will have a problem! It is a big decision to make, either trim your guest list down or draw up your guest list first and then choose a venue to accommodate them all. There are beautiful venues all all shapes and sizes out there it just takes a bit of research to find the perfect one for your wedding party and the Visio you have for your big day.


Setting and sticking to your wedding budget is one of the most important aspects of your big day. You need to decide which parts of your budget are going where and what is more important to you. For example do you spend more on the venue and less in other areas such as food, flowers, decoration? Or do you have a smaller venue and use the money to have a bigger choice on your menu and wine? Be prepared to have some serious talks about your budget and where to spend it wisely. Decide on your overall budget, add in a contingency and make the most of what you have.

Children or no children?

Some couples decide to have children at their wedding and actively involved but some decide not to. It is your special day so you need to think about what you want, although that can be viewed as selfish by some! Although if you have young children yourself you are going to want them there to celebrate with you. If they are in your close family/friendship group and you don't invite them it may cause problems with child care for the parents and they may very well not be able to attend. It is a very emotive subject and can cause arguments and friction between families and friends. Some couples decide on just inviting older children so as not to have disruption during the ceremony or reception.

If you do have children at your wedding it will affect your budget with the catering specific for them and if you decide to have some children's entertainment or a crèche.

Points to remember

Religious ceremony or not?

How many venues? (ceremony/reception)

What time of year?


Flexible on date?


Guest List?

Day of the week?

Time of year?

Location (home or abroad)?


Outside space?


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