Wedding Rings

There are so many choices of both men's and women's wedding rings on the market. These will need to last you a lifetime (hopefully) so have to be good quality and be made from solid metal. As you get older you will change shape and so will your fingers so it could mean that one day you will need to have your ring resized, especially during and after pregnancy women's hands can swell and may not always be the same size they were pre pregnancy. It is much easier to adjust a solid ring over a hollow one as it could become out of shape.

Your budget

As always you should have drawn up a budget for your wedding rings and be aware of what your budget can get you verses what your ideal rings are.

Brides usually go for the same metal as their engagement rings not just for ascetics but also if one metal is harder than the other the softer one can be damaged by the harder metal rubbing against it. Platinum and white gold are the most popular at the moment but obviously depends on your budget. All white gold is plated or dipped with rhodium but this wears off over time so will need to be re dipped every year or so to keep it looking 'white' and at It's best. Platinum, on the other hand, is a totally white metal and does not need plating/dipping. Grooms often choose the same metal for their ring as their bride but there is no hard and fast rule.

Alternatives to traditional wedding rings

There are other alternatives to the traditional gold or platinum wedding rings which have become more popular of late, especially for men. This could include titanium, tungsten (a hard steel-grey metal), cobalt (a hard silvery-white metal), carbon fibre and even wood!

Wedding Ring Designs

There are a lot of different designs for your wedding rings available but you should ask yourself some questions to help find the perfect one.

There is always personal choice and not everyone is going to like the same designs. What you like is important in your choice of ring, you will be wearing it all the time so want to look at it and love it.

As we already mentioned before the choice of metal is important and there are a wide range of options. It is traditional for the groom to compliment the brides ring by either design and or metal but in a more masculine design. For people who lead a very active lifestyles a hardwearing ring such as titanium could be a good alternative.

If you have a large or pronounced stone or design to your engagement ring then you may want to look at a shaped wedding ring to fit around or compliment your engagement ring.

A plain band or diamond set?

In recent years, diamond set wedding rings have become more popular with brides opting for that extra sparkle over a plain wedding band. Although diamonds do add sparkle they may not always be practical. You may want to avoid having diamonds if you work in an industry or have a hobby where you use your hands a lot. Dirt and impurities can accumulate under the diamonds dulling their shine.

A plain band, whether you choose gold, white gold or platinum, will still compliment your engagement ring, be comfortable, easy to wear and a lot easier to keep clean.

Eternity Rings

An eternity ring can be a good alternative as a diamond set wedding ring especially if you don't think you will have the opportunity in the future to purchase one. It can be a really lovely way to combine both sentiments. On the other hand if you do see yourself being lucky enough to have an eternity ring in the future then maybe two diamond set bands could be too much and a plain band could be more suitable.

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