Wedding gift list or Wedding registry

Couples have been going to department stores for their wedding registry or gift list service for a number of years. You would choose your gifts, put them on the list and guests could choose what they wanted to buy through the store. In recent years lot of department stores have closed down but still kept their on line presence. There are so many websites offering this service that it can be daunting. Wedding gift lists can take some of the stress out of the occasion for both you and your guests and they will be happy that they have bought you something they know you will like. Today there are traditional gift lists with items for your home but there are now more websites offering somethings a little different!

Here are a few ideas you may want to consider:

Gifts for your home

Honeymoon fund

House deposit fund

Experience days

Cash or money straight to your bank account

A contribution to a Charity

Wedding list gift tips

Always ask friends who have married recently for advice, it's always good to have recommendations from someone who has actually used the service.

Have a good think about what you need and what you want from your guests.

Have a varied selection both lower priced and some more expensive items and always go for a large selection so guests have a lot of choice. Some guests may want to club together and buy a higher priced item but some will like the idea of buying something that they can see in your home over the years.

Create your list about six months before the big day so as soon as the invitations go out with all the details of how to buy a gift it will be ready for use.

Choose wisely and enjoy the experience, have fun!

Examples of a few of the many websites offering different gift lists or experiences: does all the work for you! Just put the button to add gifts to your registry on your browser and off you go adding from many leading on line stores. has an unrivalled choice from 450 brands, honeymoon funds, charity donations and personalised funds honeymoon fund, favourite brand products, cash fund, experience days, spa breaks and too many to list. an easy way to contribute towards the happy couples honeymoon. most people know and love Amazon so what better way to buy a wedding gift through their wedding list service. provides expert gift ideas, honeymoon contributions, money contributions and pretty much any gift you can think of.

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