Wedding flowers....

The first things to consider are your theme, colour, style and your venue.

As always do your research!

Before your first meeting with your chosen florist, or florists if you have a couple in mind. You should have done some research and have a good idea of what kinds of flowers and/or arrangements you want for your wedding. You really need to have an idea of colours and the types of flowers you want and be clear about your budget.


Get recommendations from family and friends about who they have used and any weddings you have been to and admired their flowers. Use the internet to get some ideas of the type and colour you would like, most websites will have a review section so always make sure you read them before deciding on a florist. Make appointments with your short list when you have decided your favourites.

Be specific

Your florist will have done countless weddings before and will be confident in the wedding world, although you will probably have your own vision of your wedding day and your flowers.

It is a good idea to take examples of what that vision is and the blooms you are thinking of having. Get some photographs together from examples you have found in your research to help get across what you are looking to create.

Your venue

Think about where you are getting married, is it outside in lush gardens, not needing a lot of decoration or inside needing flowers to decorate it and theme the area. Where you are getting married will determine your choice and amount of flowers you will need. Exotic sprays will be fantastic but in the right venue. Just as much as small bouquets will enhance an intimate venue.


Wedding flowers can be expensive, but there are ways of making it cheaper! Some say to allocate 10% of your whole wedding budget for the flowers. That would include your bouquet, bridesmaids bouquets, venue flowers, reception decorations, table arrangements and buttonholes. Of course if you go large and extravagant then your budget will have to be extravagant too. You will need to decide on priorities of your budget, for example if your budget is tight then maybe less flowers and more food on the menu or more guests invited. A lot can be said for extra foliage, gypsophila with a few large beautiful blooms. Seasonal flowers can also be half the price of what you have set your heart on. Listen to your florist and take her advice.

Two uses one bouquet!

You can use your bridesmaids bouquets as centrepieces for your tables, maybe set in the top of a vase? May be use your arrangement for the ceremony as decoration for the reception. Plants like orchids in a beautiful pot are a great table decoration and can be used as gifts for the traditional mother of the bride and groom or bridesmaids etc.

Bay Trees too can look amazing and are easy to move and use for props and or decorations for the reception room.

Real or fake??

Can artificial flowers be as nice as real? Silk flowers can be just beautiful as real as long as they are good quality and can work out much cheaper.

Dried flowers seem to be the 'in thing' this wedding season and can look amazing as long as they suit your theme. If your theme is laid back, easy going or boho they could be the perfect alternative for you. As well they are reusable, they won't wilt in the sunshine and can be kept as a keepsake long after your wedding day. They are also a perfect gift for your wedding party. they have to be lavish affairs??

If you want to get more for your budget then less can be more! A single flower in a small vase, a floating flower head in water, a candle or even a vase full of sweets! Anything goes and it's YOUR day so make it your vision of that perfect day....whatever your budget.

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