Wedding Day transport

Transport for all??

Whether you are arranging transport for yourself, your groom and immediate wedding party or all of your wedding guests, you need to think about the logistics of everyone getting to the ceremony and, if it's in a different venue, the reception and in some cases home again, unless your venue has rooms then that could make life a little easier. Guests staying at the venue would then only need to get to the ceremony and back without any worry on how they will get home afterwards. You should consider arranging transportation for guests to get to the reception especially if they have come from far flung places (or flown in) and may not have a car.

As always budget will dictate the scale of your wedding and the transport you may or may not provide. If your budget does not stretch to transporting all of your wedding guests then it might be an idea to advertise this is the wedding invite. You could include details like local cab numbers and a rough price, hotels or b&b's near by and their prices and details, also the rooms at your wedding reception venue and the price list (usually there would be a discount available for guests attending the wedding), local transport pick ups and drop offs and maybe you would be able negotiate some discounts for group bookings.

There is always car pooling that can be arranged before the big day and often works well. Your bridal party may well need to get in with someone else as tradition dictates, if you are following tradition, that the bride and groom travel to their reception together In a vip car. Or if tradition doesn't dictate then you could all just get in together.

Do not leave it to the last minute to think about and book your transport, it will get booked up quickly as there are only a limited amount of companies that provide them. I would book early to avoid disappointment especially if you have your heart set on a certain mode of transport.

Do your research and get a few quotes but also make sure you know what is included in the price....fuel, mileage and tips, you may be surprised at how much it can cost to get that dream car. You don't have to take the first quote given and you could negotiate with different providers. But also it may be worth speaking to your venue if your ceremony venue isn't too far away, they may offer shuttles back and forth for guests that are staying in one of their rooms.

Types of wedding cars

Classic and Vintage cars

Rolls Royce



Aston Martin

VW Campervan

Vintage Mini

Imperial Viscount

Original Fiat



Alternative transport

Sports car

Tuk Tuk


Hot air balloon

Horse and carriage




A bus

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