Wedding Cakes

It's not just cake!

Wedding cakes come in may different sizes, designs and flavours, It's not just fruit cake now days! It can be a bit overwhelming when you realise how much choice you have.

From the simple yet stylist naked cake to the elaborate five tier, fully iced traditional cake and everything in between.


Do not choose your wedding cake before you have decided on your dress and colour scheme. You may have your theme in your head and the dress you have set your heart on but until you start trying some on you never know what will suit you and you could completely change your mind leading to a change of your colour scheme. Also the choice of venue may influence your wedding cake design.

Order early

Most wedding cakes should be ordered in plenty of time around six months before the big day. The elaborate creation of the cake can take time to plan and execute so do not leave it till too near the wedding or you could end up disappointed.


As you will know by now, weddings are costly. Consequently wedding cakes are not cheap. Do your research and set your budget as you can get carried away with all of the stunning cakes available, remember the more elaborate the more expensive it will be. Alternatively you could use your cake as the dessert course for the meal as that can save money by removing a course.

Choosing cake maker

Finding the cake maker that can create your vision for your cake is imperative. Do your research on- line and ask friends/family for recommendations of cake makers they may have used. Look at their work, most should have a portfolio of cakes they have made previously and be able to give you some ideas of different designs similar to what you are looking for.

Have a consultation and see some of their work in the flesh and see if your ideas gel with theirs.

Choosing your flavours

There are so many flavours to choose from it might seem overwhelming! Try to cut it down to just a few and do some taste testing, you can choose a different flavour for each tier or just have the same flavour for the whole thing. Choose what you both like the best and ignore any outside influences from family or friends.

Ever thought about a non cake cake? If you don't really care for cake you can go very different and have a cheese cake or a meringue cake.....anything goes its your wedding.


Think about if any of your guests have allergies, such as gluten, nuts or dairy. You may want to have an alternative tier of a separate cake or cakes for these guests, especially if you intend on having your wedding cake as your dessert course.

Cake icing and decoration to match the time of year of your wedding

It might sound strange but if you are having a summer wedding or a destination wedding then choose carefully as you wouldn't want the icing or decorations to melt and turn into a gooey mess!

Order the right size

The size of cake you need to order will depend on the amount of guests you are inviting and if you are going to use it for dessert. Don't waste money on a cake that is too big for your party and will go to waste. Some couple also like to save the cake tier for future celebrations.


Most professional cake makers offer a delivery and set up service, usually for a small charge or some even include it in their prices. If not and you have to pick it up then make sure they you either purchase the correct sized boxes or that the cake maker will box it for you. Also ask for advice on assembling the tiers properly.

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