Should I include my pet in my wedding??

Things to consider when thinking about involving your pet in your nuptials.

We all love our pets and many couples will want to involve them in their wedding day but there are a few things to consider first.

Is your chosen venue animal friendly? Before choosing your venue you need to take into consideration if it is pet friendly if you are adamant about involving your beloved animal. It will have a big bearing on where you will decide to the knot.

Your pet's personality, friendly, timid, anxious, obedient? Is your pet going to be able to handle a crowd of people without getting stressed? If not it may be kinder to leave them at home or with somebody suitable to look after them. Again if your pet can be unfriendly or snappy this goes without saying. They won't actually understand what is going on so involving them can use cause them too much stress and anxiety.

Inform your guests. Incase anyone is allergic or nervous around animals you will need to put on the wedding invitation that your pet will be involved giving them to advance notice so they can decide whether to attend or not.

Consider your pet's safety and comfort. You may want your pet at your wedding but does your pet want to be there? Do they want to get dressed up? Do they want to be with lot's of people they don't know and will it make them anxious?

Who will look after your pet all day, at the evening reception and who will take him/her home?

Considering your pet and the logistics of who will be responsible for them throughout the wedding. You will be so involved in all your wedding plans and mixing with your guests that you may not have the time to look after your pet? You will need to have one of a few people whose designated job it is to look after your pet or take them home after the ceremony or before the evening reception.

Which role should your pet be given or is he/she just a spectator? Be it a ring bearer, a bridesmaid or bestman your pet should be obedient and comfortable enough to carry out those duties but I would suggest with a person by his/her side to encourage and do the job together.

You can honour your pet at your wedding without them actually being there! You can have doggy inspired invitations and theme running through out your wedding build up and the big day itself. Your cake could have a cat bride and groom topper along with your napkins. There could be a motif of your dog used throughout the bride and grooms outfits and wedding party, such as on the ties and pocket handkerchiefs for the groomsmen and maybe in the bouquets or dresses of the bride and bridesmaids. There are so many ways you can honour your pet throughout your big day.

Inform your photographer that you want your pet to be in your photographs. They will want to know so that they can adjust your timetable to involve extra time organising and getting him/her in the right place and using treats and props to make them stay while they get the perfect pictures.

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