Save the Date and Invitations

Save the Date

Save the date cards are to inform guests that you have set your wedding date and to keep that date free. They have become more popular in the last few years and they give people the heads up as to when you are getting married, also give them a look into your wedding tone or theme. They can be sent around 8 months to a year in advance of the wedding, especially if you have booked you day the middle of the holiday season. They should be sent to all the people on your guest list, so make sure you have got that exactly the way you want it. You can decide whether they are to be posted or emailed. When you have your theme sorted it is nice to have the save the date cards in the same style your wedding invitations will be in, you can order them as a package through your chosen designer and it can work out cheaper this way.

Wedding Invitations

If your wedding invitations are different from your save the date cards then this will be the first time your guests get to see what your wedding theme is all about. It is a very exciting time, officially starting the count down to your wedding for yourself and your guests. There are different views on when you should send your invitations but the general consensus seems to be 8 to 12 weeks before the big day or if you have not sent save the date cards then it should be about 6 months before the wedding.

As a rule of thumb this time line could be a help.

1 year before start researching wedding stationary and order at least your save the date cards, if not the whole package.

8-12 months before wedding send out save the date cards.

8-12 weeks before send out the wedding invitations as well as the rsvp's.

6-8 weeks before order any other wedding stationary you will need, such as order of service, place cards and thank you cards.

1-2 months after the wedding send thank you cards.

Choosing your wedding stationary is a big decision and will set the theme for your big day. There are so many choices from designing your own to ordering ready printed invitations to sending digital invites. Just stick to your budget and create something magical within that price range. HAVE FUN!!

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