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Either enhance your natural beauty with a subtle look or go full on glam.....It's your day and you should feel beautiful.

Every bride wants to look their best on their wedding day and picking the right makeup look is so important. Some brides know exactly how they want to look on their big day, down to the colour of eye shadow and lipstick! Most brides though are not sure what look they want to go for for their big day and will need lot's of help and advice. The biggest thing most brides have a hard time deciding is if they should go for a natural look or full on glamour.


You but better...

You want to look like the best version of yourself on your wedding day, you don't want to look back at your pictures and not even recognise the person looking back at you! If you don't often wear makeup then you probably don't want to go full on for your big day. If you are somebody that wears full make up every day then you probably don't want to tone down too much. Whether you choose natural or glam make sure you pick a make up artist that you love and who lets your natural beauty shine through.


Time and location

Choosing a look based on where and when you are getting married is probably the best place to start. If you are having a day time wedding then you may not want to do a very dark look. If you're having a beach wedding then you may want to go for more of a bronzed glow. If you are having a twilight wedding then you may want to go for more of an evening glam look.


Book a trial

The most important thing you can do is find a makeup artist who's work you love. Most bridal makeup artists will want you to have a trial and this is a really good way to make sure that you pick an artist you love and a look that you are happy with. If you are undecided on what kind of look you want then this is a good opportunity to try a couple of different ones.


Do your research

Everyone has different ideas of what looks natural and what looks glam. It's a really good idea to do some research and find pictures of looks that you like. There are so many artists you can find online and an all the social media sites for your area. This will give your make up artist the chance to see how glam or natural you really want to look. Also It can really help to see photos of what you normally look like with make up on to give an idea of your usual look.

If you don't click with the first make up artist you make an appointment with or you don't like your make up then you can try another, just give yourself plenty of time and you will be fine. You will find the right artist for you.

No matter what, remember that this is your special day! You deserve to feel and look your best, don't settle for any look that doesn't make you feel 100% confident.

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