Gorgeous wedding Shoes

Tips for choosing the right wedding shoes for your big day...whatever you choose to define your style needs to be comfortable too

Choosing the right wedding shoes for your big day can define your style but also thought needs to be given to your chosen venue. The type of floor at the venue can have a big say in the kind of heel you go for. If your wedding is to take place inside, then heels should not be a problem but If you are having, say a beach wedding then stiletto heels could be problematic to walk in, as would an outdoor wedding if you have to walk across grass, uneven paving or wooden boards. A block heel or even flats would be more practical and comfortable but can still be stylish and gorgeous.

Stiletto heels come in different height's but they are still usually pretty high and only you will know how high you can handle both to walk in and be comfortable in, after all your wedding day is going to be a long day with lot's of standing around and you will probably want to have a good boogy at your reception.

Block heels can still give you hight but wearing a wider heel is more practical, easier to walk in and usually more comfortable. They also won't get stuck between paving stones or wooden planks and are better for walking on grass and sand.

Flats, trainers, converse the choice is yours and your style will dictate how you want to look and feel on the day. If you have a full dress chances are nobody will even see your shoes!

Of course there is no rule saying you can only have one pair of wedding shoes! You can have as many pairs as you like.......stiletto's for the day time and flats for the evening. It may make altering the length of your wedding dress a bit more challenging but some dresses can be hooked up at the back for your reception giving you more freedom to dance while having less chance of ruining or tripping over your dress. It is all trial and error, what looks and feels good to you is what matters.

Try before you buy!

Although on-line websites have vastly more choice than highstreet shops it really is vital to try wedding shoes on before you buy. After all you will be standing around in those shoes all day so they must be comfortable and easy to walk in. Saying that there are many on-line shops who have very good returns policies giving you the opportunity to order a few pairs to try at home and return what you don't want.

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