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What wedding entertainment you are looking for will depend on personal taste as well as the theme of your wedding and venue. You may want romantic music for your ceremony, entertainers during the wedding breakfast, a live band or dj for the evening reception. There are plenty to chose from!


If you are having a church ceremony the there is a good chance you will have the church choir to sing hymns along with your guests. But the choice is yours. You could employ a professional singer to perform but you will need to check with the church minister first and agree what songs are allowed to be used. After all it is a religious ceremony so it is usual to expect religious hymns. Some churches will allow non religious music but there could be restrictions on what they are and the lyrics involved.

A non religious ceremony is going to be a lot more laid back and there shouldn't be many restrictions on your music choices. Classical performances can be very romantic and the choice of a harpist, string quartet, pianist or even recorded music of your choice played through the sound system can be very effective and perfect for the most important moment for you as a couple. Another idea is to have a singer perform a classical version of your favourite song which has personal meaning......which I have done myself and it was beautiful.

Afternoon reception

This will be your first chance to chat with your guests before you sit down for your reception meal. There are different options to entertain your guests from a classic harpist or jazz pianist amongst the popular choices and for something a bit different you could go for a magician or illusionist. These ideas could also keep your guests entertained while you are having your photographs taken which could take some time especially when calling different sets of guests up for their starring roles in the pictures.

During the meal music is also important quietly in the background for ambiance but I have also seen singing waiters towards the end of the meal which gives everyone a surprise and a good giggle before the speeches.

Some people who have involved children in their wedding day may opt to have a creche for the younger ones or some form of children's entertainment, a magician or someone to involve them in games. Another idea is to supply a corner with children's games and art supplies like colouring pencils and paper.

You could add something no one is expecting like a Ferris wheel in the outside area at your venue. It will definitely provide the fun element to your day!

Bubbles, children will love giant bubbles and they will make great photo's too.

Evening reception

Your evening entertainment is not only going to appeal to your personal choice but also needs to keep your guests entertained and provide a memorable celebration of your wedding day.

A lot of couples choose a dj and provide a play list of their favourite tunes but also give guests the option of requesting songs. Karaoke can also be a fun choice but maybe away from the main entertainment! A live band is usually more expensive than a dj and price would usually depend on how many members of the band there are and for how long they are playing. They usually do two sets with a break in the middle but you can discuss your ideas at your initial meeting with them. There are bands providing all genres of music so as already mentioned the choice is personal taste.

A photo booth can be a lot of fun and lasting memories of your wedding and some provide a dress up box to make the pictures even more entertaining. They can print out two sets of pictures so the happy couple can get a copy too.

A casino party is another idea and can be hired for the afternoon or evening. They provide fun money and professional croupiers for three hours of fun gaming of your choice, roulette, black jack, or poker to name a few. Also if you are having a themed wedding they can match your theme.

Circus acts will certainly be unique! You could choose a fire show, stilt walkers, aerial performers, jugglers or clowns to name a few. So if you want something a little bit different for your reception then maybe this is for you.

Champagne/Prosecco or Cocktail mobile van's can be hired for the day or evening bringing something different to the occasion. Some will even give cocktail making lessons or let you mix your own cocktail.

There are many agencies that provide all of these choices of entertainment so you are sure to find one that fits into your budget.

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