Beautiful Bridesmaids and handsome Groomsmen


How many bridesmaids is too many

First thing to think of is how many bridesmaids to have. Too many and it can not only be expensive but getting a lot of bridesmaids organised and finding dresses that they all like could be a problem. It is of course completely up to you how many bridesmaids you have, be it 10 or 1! Usually the average wedding party is around five on the brides side and five on the grooms side (bridesmaids and groomsmen). But obviously it will depend on the size of your wedding and how many guests there are. Some larger weddings may even go up to 12 in total but realistically that could be a logistical nightmare. The cost of having a large party can be very expensive, dresses, suits, gifts and all that goes with it. It can also be more difficult to organise and get everyone together. Ultimately it is your wedding day so completely up to know the saying, rules are made to be broken!


Think before you ask

We know it's very exciting when you first get engaged and start planing your wedding and it is very tempting to just ask all of your friends to be bridesmaids! But the best thing to do is to hold back and think first because once you have asked you can't go back on it. Take your time to make a list of all the friends/family you want to ask but don't decide straight away, give yourself a few weeks to think it over and assess your options. Can you see yourself still being good friends in a few years and are they reliable? How well do you think they would fit in with the rest of the other bridesmaids/groomsmen? Do they know each other? So many questions so just take your time. If you have booked your wedding way in advance there is plenty of time to think before you act.


Siblings or no siblings??

Not everyone is close to their siblings but conventionally there are some rules around involving them in your wedding. Sisters may expect to be bridesmaids and let's face it they will be around for a long time so you don't want to cause any bad feeling in the family. There is also the question of nieces and nephews and maybe even your own children, you may want to involve them. Again there is just a major thing to consider.....this is your wedding and others should respect your decisions.


Do you really want to ask someone because they asked you??

You do not need to ask someone to be your bridesmaid/groomsman because they asked you to be theirs. You may not have seen them for years or maybe even since their wedding. You do not need to return the favour and if they don't understand that then have a private conversation with them and explain the situation and how you are feeling. Be completely honest and then It will be up to them if they come to your wedding or not. You can not please everyone all of the time and I'm sure some people will get upset but it's not until you plan your own wedding that you realise how problematic it is to keep everyone happy.


Are children required??

If you don't have any children yourselves or don't feel either of you are close to any of your friends or families children then you don't need to have a flower girl or ring bearer. If you have many children in your family or friendship groups you feel you want to include then that is your decision. Have as many little flower girls as you want and give them each a basket of flower petals, they will love it. If you have boys then they can be ring bearers and carry the rings down the aisle or give out the order of service to the guests. But also if there are many then it might be easier not to have any of them so as not to upset the parents.

Outfits for your bridesmaids and groomsmen

If you choose adults and children to be bridesmaids and flower girls you can match the colours of their dresses or have accents in each or you can go completely in the opposite direction and have different colours, materials and styles. The same with the groomsmen they can have accents of the colour of the suit and grooms tie or something different. After all the groom wants to stand out as the groom and not in a sea of grey, blue or whatever your colour choice of groomsmen.

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