Laura Cartwright Hair
and Makeup Artist

Laura Cartwright


Cruelty free and vegan

Hair and Make up artist

Hello, I'm Laura, I am a Cruelty free and Vegan Hair and Makeup Artist. I am based in Hertfordshire on the Essex borders. I have worked in the Wedding industry for 7 years now and can not think of a better suited job, I love it.

Offering both hair and make up in one trial

Luxury brands

Being a qualified Hair and Makeup Artist is a privilege and being able to offer both hair and makeup i can create your vision in one trial. I use luxury brands which are both cruelty free and also Vegan. I pride myself on being a great listener and offer my professional and honest advice so we can create your perfect look for both you, the bride and your bridal party.


I work really hard to improve and develop my skills to be able to offer my brides the up-to-date styles and trends and also the classic looks. Offering my support and dedication is vital, yes I am there to create a beautiful bride but communication is key, I want you to feel 100% confident.  This is your big day after all, I was in your shoes 7 years ago, so I know how important this day is to you!

Laura Cartwright Hair and Makeup Artist

Laura Cartwright

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