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Claire Broadribb

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Creative at Heart

Background in Fine Art

"I have always been a creative at heart and that’s why I love my job so much. With a background in Fine Art and Film, it’s given me the perfect platform to progress into beautiful updo styling. With 16 years hairdressing experience I can also advise you on how best to prep your hair in the run up to your big day.


Being a people person I would love to hear your wedding story; who proposed, where and how and about the planning details you have for your special day. "

Enjoyed many different styling course

Own unique style

I've taken many different styling courses to perfect my skills, but I stay true to my own creativity and feel I have my own unique style  which suits today's modern relaxed bride perfectly.

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I'm told I have a calming nature on a wedding morning which helps amongst the busy schedule. I always try to guide you through the whole process from consultation, to trial to your day answering any questions throughout when I can. Every bride is special and Invested in, and I may even shed a tear when you appear in your dress because I'm a big softy.

Barberella Bridal

Claire Broadribb

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