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Governor test stand


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YT2000 governor test bench is developed by our engineers and technicians with more than ten years of governor maintenance experience. Its excellent performance, compact structure and low price will become one of the platforms for you to check, test and adjust governor performance.

YT2000 speed governor test bench is a kind of speed governor test equipment which can test the governor conveniently and corrects the governor parameters accurately far from the engine or turbine. It can test UG-8, UG-32, UG-40, 3161, PG (with standard base and drive shaft), PG-EG, EGB 200, 3 produced by Woodward Company. 00, PG 2 00300500, PGA, SG, PSG, EGB-2, EGB-58, LSG-10, PG-PH, EG-3, EG-10, TG-13 governors and non-Woodward products such as EUROPA, RHD6, TY111, TY555 governors and actuators. The non-standard governor base and output shaft governors (actuators) produced by Woodward and other models or other non-listed governors and actuators produced by other companies require additional auxiliary devices.

The contents of the governor or the governor of the YT2000 governor test stand are usually as follows:

1. Governor oil pump pressure.

2, stop at high speed or low speed.

3, gas or electricity safety parking device.

4, air pressure control or hydraulic control speed setting. It

5, electromagnetic coil or AC / DC motor speed setting.

6, speed setting.

7, output shaft stroke.

8. Load limiting control function.

9, electric control control / hydraulic control actuator.

10, the stability of the governor (on the test stand).

11, repair loophole inspection.

The governor test bench is not an engine or turbine, and it is impossible for the user to expect the governor test bench to replace the turbine or engine that ultimately determines the governor's performance. The reason is that it is impossible for any governor test bench to provide exactly the same driving torque, torque, connection mode, turbocharging effect, acceleration and deceleration effect, and control characteristics of connecting rod group as the engine or turbine. Therefore, it is normal that the performance of the same governor mounted on an engine or turbine and mounted on a test bench may differ.

However, the governor test bench can provide a quick and convenient way to test the governor as the final device in the engine or turbine. Users of governor test bench can carefully and completely test, adjust or set the variable parameters such as pressure, speed, stop, load limit and speed adjustment on the test bench before the governor is installed with engine or turbine. Practice has proved that, in most cases, the governor installed on the engine or turbine according to the governor factory parameters on the test bench can achieve satisfactory results.

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