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Vacuum pump test stand


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Common troubles in vacuum pump maintenance are as follows:


The common faults of vacuum pump are:


1. Vacuum pump has abnormal sound (noise) possible reasons: * blade damage * bearing damage * end cover and rotor wear * motor bearing damage

2. Vacuum pump degree insufficient (suction insufficient) possible reasons: * blade wear or blade can not throw out * seal aging * vacuum pump oil too little * pipeline leakage or air inlet blockage

3. Possible Causes of High Temperature of Vacuum Pump: * Oil Coke Blocked Oil Circuit * Bearing Damage * Rotor and End Cover Wear * s Heat Dissipating Fan Fracture * Heat Dissipating Tube Blockage

4. Overload (Overload) of Vacuum Pump Motor The Possible Reasons for Burning of the Motor: * Damage to the Inner Bearing of the Motor * Blockage of the Pump Head * Burning of the Motor Coil * Overtight Coordination between the Coupling of the Pump Head and the Motor Coupling

5, vacuum pump leakage may cause: * seal aging * exhaust filter failure

The test-bed can detect the vacuum displacement of the air intake and exhaust port of the vacuum pump, and provide the data from time to time for the sensor, which is simple and convenient.

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