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High pressure common rail training


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1. Structure and maintenance of high pressure common rail system of diesel engine;

2. The structure principle, analysis of the causes and solutions of each sensor of the electronically controlled engine.

3, fuel injector, oil pump disassembly and maintenance methods;

4, electronic and electrical basis, the use of automotive multimeter.

5. BOSCH's electronically controlled high pressure common rail system, common fault analysis, maintenance diagnosis method, identification circuit diagram;

6. Calibration of Weichai;

7. Recognition of diagnostic protocols for heavy trucks, diagnostic methods for related types of trucks, and application skills and requirements of diagnostic equipment.

8. Maintenance method of electric injector;

9, typical failure case analysis;

10. The operation skills and practical operation of the diagnostic apparatus.

11. Basic knowledge of automotive communication protocol;

12, Weichai Yuchai, Chai Chai Chai, Renault and other brushes write blank ECU data;

13, common fault analysis, maintenance and diagnosis methods, intensive training;

14. Repair factory's profit making plan, management plan and technology development plan.


According to the development of diesel engine to energy-saving and environmental protection, modern high-pressure common rail technology is becoming more and more mature, Yongtai Machinery will train in-depth planning. Provide the ultimate solution for all maintenance technicians, where you learn not only theoretical knowledge, but also hands-on solutions, we are committed to the most professional training, so that you can fully understand the true place of our Yongtai mechanical training in the future.


As requested, we have equipped with a EPS200 common rail injector. KT770 diesel decoder set.


EPS700 high pressure common rail test stand.


In the whole training plan, we will complete a training plan for you in a week.


The training fee for each trainee is very reasonable, and the training fee is 2000 yuan.


And provide the most pure BOSCH electric accessories, DENSO, DELPHI and SIEMENS accessories to you.


Contact number: 0538-8528186


Contact: Tong Liang Mobile: 18653862006


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