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LNG nozzle detection? Natural gas nozzle inspection. Heavy truck truck nozzle cl


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technical parameter


Simultaneous detection of 6 EFI working conditions


Speed range: 0-9950r/min


Step size: 50r/min


Pulse width: 0-20ms


Step size: 0.1ms


Count: 0-9950 times


Step length: 50 times


System pressure: 0-6.5kg/cm


Fully simulate any working conditions of automobiles to test and analyze the invalid operation of oil pump timing protection device with timing digital display high-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine.



Functional characteristics


1, comprehensive simulation of natural gas nozzle truck nozzle LPG nozzle various working conditions for testing and analysis


2. Standard testing procedures for automatic detection and programmable testing.


3. Check the injection angle, spray atomization and fuel injection uniformity.


4. It can detect and clean all kinds of fuel injectors with high resistance, low resistance, voltage type and current type.


5. The speed and the pulse width are inversely proportional to the function of the nozzle.


6. Add or subtract the simulated engine's acceleration and deceleration at will.


7. The cleaning method can be selected by timing or counting times.


8. It can detect, clean and anti wash single or multiple nozzles.


9. Adopt environmental protection type high frequency ultrasonic to carry out strong cleaning.


10. Intelligent control panel is intuitive and easy to operate.


11. The main components are imported components to ensure quality.


12, adopt constant current and constant voltage automatic detection device to ensure detection accuracy.


13. Background lighting and high-precision measuring cylinder adopt the latest technology, easy to observe.


14. Adopt harmless, non-toxic, non flammable, safety and environmental protection high performance testing and cleaning liquid.



Full set of standard configuration: 1 main engine, 1 external ultrasonic cleaner, 1 tool cabinet, 2 bottles of testing fluid (1 liter), 1 bottle of cleaning fluid (1 liter)

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